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Leba Design Studios was created to solve solutions in product design and development with superior speed and accuracy that is decades ahead of the industry through our 3D System.


Through innovative, proprietary technology we have come up with a solution to shorten the development timeline by providing better tools in visual communication, fit and quality.No one else in the industry has been able to do this with increasing client service and higher standards of quality.


Our Virtual 3D Development System is future thinking to bring new solutions to design, development and merchandising.With proprietary advanced technologies in 3D rendering and corresponding pattern development, we provide the design services that companies need to make quick visual decisions and expedite product development.


LebaDesignStudio’s pattern development is the cornerstone of our services.With our 3D method, you achieve significant savings in time and money in development, sampling, better fit, and quality; based on better decisions.


With our services you have the ability to work closer to market if needed to make better decisions based on market changes.


In our partnership with clients, we have better control over factory pricing by being more nimble.We have the ability to negotiate and leverage stronger pricing with our 3D method.


 We solve solutions for the future in innovative ways, based on real needs.

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